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About Us


In the heart of the Financial District sits BPG, a beautiful new restaurant with global fusion fare and liquid art cocktails designed by Artemio Vasquez of Pegu and PDT fame. This comfortable spot is destined to be a local favorite, for the food and liquid art cocktails like the Poquito Picante and Red Finance. While looking around for a restaurant in the Financial District make sure to join Artemio, renowned libation expert for a delectable treat of fresh ingredients and unique homemade infusions with each signature drink. The drink offerings are comprised of classic and signature cocktails sure to keep everyone more than pleased and delighted. Classics include the Moscow Mule made with homemade ginger beer and the Whisky Smash, be sure to taste some of our summer drinks and do not miss Artemio's signature Poquito Picante, made with gin, jalapeno, cucumber and cilantro.

Our Drinks

Intense care is taken with our ingredients and coffee, but we don't stop there, we found one of the most renowned mixologists in the city and brought them in to make you're your tastebuds are delighted from start to finish. Our head bar specialist at BPG is Artemio Vasquez who's craft is utilizing art and science in every cocktail. Mr. Vasquez began his career under celebrity mixologist, Audrey Saunders at one of the world's best cocktail bars, Pegu Club [don't take our word for it, they actually won that award several years in a row]. He continued his apprenticeship and worked under master mixoligist and author, Jim Meehan owner of PDT.

Artemio works with fresh juices and ingredients, not to mention creating his own infusions and home made syrups for each signature recipe. The cocktails are complex yet refreshing drinks that will leave a memorable impression. His menu is comprised of both classic cocktails and signature works of art by his own design. He is most known for his Poquito Picante, made with gin, jalapeno, cucumber and cilantro, but there are so many others to work your way through.

Our Coffee Bar

Keeping it all "in the state" our Coffee Bar serves Gimme Coffee from Ithaca, NY. As coffee addicts we love them, but we're not the only ones, Food and Wine magazine called them one of the top 10 Coffee Bars in the United States. Need more verification?

  • Forbes Traveler Quoted "Yes there is Life beyond Starbucks"

  • GQ Quoted: "This is serious stuff...seriously good"

  • City Search Quoted: "Best Coffee in NYC"