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Michael with GothamTix ( — Looking for ticket packages and deals for your clients? provides these services to concierges, travel agents and other group sales managers, selling bundled and discounted tickets and entertainment packages. The service is flexible and convenient-all business is done via the website with printable vouchers. Plus, it's fully commissionable.

Gary at Manahattan Walking Tours ( — Their walking tours of NYC are like having a friend in New York showing you around their neighborhood. You call, they listen, then suggest the perfect walking tour in New York City for you in the most interesting neighborhoods: Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Times Square, Central Park and many more, sampling the best foods New York City has to offer.

Annaline at Wall Street Walks ( — Annaline, a lovely tour guide from the scenic South Africa originally, but she's been here for over a decade so she's officially a New Yorker. Her guided Wall Street tours, led by a real industry insider, provide an exciting peek at what happens behind the scenes on Wall Street.

Guides Association of NY ( — Recommended as Visitor Friendly by the Guides Association of New York City.